The best apps and webs to not only spend Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is approaching, for many a great day as they live in love with their partner and take advantage to celebrate one more year they are together and for others a gray day in which they have no one by their side to share with this day.

Well, it is still time to meet someone to share a dinner, a drink or a coffee on February 14. And is that today it is easier to meet people using the smartphone than in a bar or nightclub, since it facilitates contact and eliminates the fear of rejection.

To do this they will name some of the applications and websites that can make known someone to stay with that day and why not, can get to last in time.


Possibly the app to meet people more downloaded, known and easy to use. Users only have to identify themselves in their Facebook account and upload a photo, name, interests and age to the profile. From there, the radar of the application will look for people nearby and if you see someone who might be interested know just send a request and wait for the other person to accept or not to establish the first contact.

The application is free for both iOS and Android.

It is one of the best known portals to meet people and interact with it. It is necessary to create a profile on the website or in the apps for both iOS and Android that you have and start interacting with other people with the same tastes or hobbies as if it were a social network.

The advantage of using is that all people who have their profile have the same goal and therefore will find people who are predisposed to meet people. Download from here for iOS and Android.


It is the perfect application for those who fall in love at first sight. Let’s find that person with whom a glance crossed but there was no contact or rapprochement.

Through the geolocation you can tell where and at what time that look or arrow came out and if the other person also leaves the message, they will be in contact. Available for iOS or on the web.


If you are looking for someone to share for a while or a lifetime that has the same musical tastes, music can be the perfect excuse with this application. With Louise you can find people with the same musical tastes that are detected through the lists that the users themselves define in Soundcloud and Spotify. If you already have soundcloud’s or shazam’s account, maybe you can use this link to to buy shazam followers for your shazam application. Or you can click this link to buy real soundcloud followers, the best site to buy real follower for your soundcloud, facebook, twitter, or other social media applications.


In this application the profile of Facebook again plays an important place, since it will be who gives all the information to the file of Hinge.

What this application pretends is to help you to find the people that can interest us and of which you have a common friend.

That is, this application makes the friend who can introduce you to a friend or friend of yours and in this way meet new people who have the same needs or intentions to meet someone to start sharing things with. The application is available for download for both iOS and Android platforms.

Breakup notifier

It is the best sneak peek at when those people we like but have a partner leave with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Breakup notifier notifies the moment the person we like changes his status to unmarried on Facebook.

To do this, hit with selecting the people that interest you through Facebook and when one of these people changes their status will send a message to notify you. Available through its website.



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