This web site is designed to disseminate info for all 7 Parishes which comprise the Region VI Science Honest group. Catherine Williams is Chief Marketing Officer at Altmetric , a Digital Science firm that monitor mentions of research in non-traditional sources to assist authors, publishers, institutions and funders monitor and report on the web activity surrounding their

One other intention was to convey collectively views from empirical (science) communication research, science and technology research, and views from the humanities and different disciplines as well as perspectives from filmmakers, artists, videographers and other practitioners.

Then natural science separated from philosophy within the Renaissance era, at around the time of Galileo, and later moved to be focused in Protestant Northern Europe where it first became giant, visible and noticeably distinct from in regards to the seventeenth century.

It’s THE dependence of science on the continuing challenge of new observations – AND the analyses of those observations – to reevaluate the extent of confidence that tentative, prevcious scientific consensus deserves – that distinguishes science from pure mathematics, religion and most

And science continued to develop – recruiting less- and less-gifted, weaker- and weaker-motivated, much less- and less trustworthy personnel until…. till untalented, unmotivated and dishonest profession-orientated skilled scientists became a big majority inside science and included a lot of the most profitable researchers; thus careerists took-over the peer evaluation evaluation procedures resembling to impose their values; and ‘science’ turned nothing but a ‘professional analysis forms’.science