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When you Might Need an Emergency Dentist Dental emergencies do not happen very often but when it does, you show know what number to call and what to do first hand. In this regard, it is important that you are can also identify what type of dental emergency it may be and how urgent it requires care or response. Eventually you will need to call an emergency dentist. Surely, there is one Haymarket dentist that you can call in times of a dental emergency. Moving on, the next paragraph talks about examples of dental emergencies. And the examples below are those that require urgent care the most. The first is what most people would experience at one point in their lives. This problem is known as a persistent toothache or medically speaking, periapical periodontitis. It is the type of toothache that happens at any time on one particular area, which becomes more painful when the person chews something. It is more common than not that the face becomes swollen because the gums around the affected area is infected and has abscess. Why is this treated as a dental emergency? It is so, because the patient needs instant relief from pain and he or she will need antibiotics if there is infection.
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The next example is trauma and when there is bleeding. It is natural for the tooth sucket to bleed shortly after the tooth is out. This normally lasts only a few minutes and it stops. However, when there is trauma involved, there could be severe bleeding. Without medical attention, this could lead to more problems. In events like this, the patient should seek a Haymarket dentist who specializes in trauma and bleeding. The dentist will do whatever he can to stop the bleeding. In usual cases, the dentist can use pressure to the bleeding area. In more severe cases, the dentist might use an antihemorrhagic drug. If those two would fail, the dentist’s next step would be to stitch it up.
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A fractured teeth is also an emergency. A fractured teeth could extend down to the tooth socket or the inner layers of the tooth, and it could lead to pain and infection. A fractured tooth requires a visit to the dentist with the next 24 hours. It should be noted that not every dental clinic has emergency dental services. You should already check if a clinic or a Haymarket dentist offers services that involve emergency situations. It is important to know which dentist to call, should a dental emergency happen. A person’s teeth gives him confidence so he or she should take good care of it, especially during times of emergency. Visit here, if you need to see a Haymarket dentist.