3 Pallet Handling Tips For Assured Safety

Handling pallets can be a hard and dangerous job, especially when these are large, bulky, and especially heavy. Not only can the individual who’s lifting these structures sustain harm, but falling or tipping pallets can additionally cause injuries to passersby. Fortunately, there are three, simple tips for safe pallet handling that can make these efforts significantly easier and far less risky.

1. Never Leave A Pallet Standing On Its Side

Because pallets are both awkward and heavy, you should always manually move them by standing them on their edge and sliding them. Once a pallet has reached its intended destination, however, this should be put back in its flat position or stacked properly. Pallets that are left standing on their sides are not guaranteed to remain that way indefinitely. If they tip, they can cause serious damage to any person or thing within the immediate area.

2. Never Manually Stack Pallets Too High

You should never manually stack pallets more than eight units high. Lifting objects this heavy above the head is dangerous in itself. Even if workers are able to lift heavy pallets above all eight units to continue manually stacking them, these efforts place undue strain on the shoulders and neck. They can also make it virtually impossible to maintain smart lifting techniques for protecting the back. Depending upon the nature of the work environment and the task, consider using a forklift or pallet elevator to complete the job.

3. Take Broken Pallets Out Of The Work Area Right Away

Whenever pallets are broken or appear to be nearing the end of their lifespans, these unit should be taken to the recycling or discard area immediately. This way, they won’t be in danger of making their way back into circulation and causing problems for other employees. It’s additionally important to pick up all pallet waste within the storage area. For instance, if there are pieces of broken pallets strewn across the floor, these should be picked up and properly disposed of, rather than simply being kicked out of the way. These small and seemingly insignificant pieces of rubbish can actually result in serious injuries.

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